Breast Augmentation

Dr. Daniel Barrett
At Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery, we are a specialist in superior body sculpting solutions like no implant breast augmentation in Los Angeles. We carry out an artistic all-natural breast enhancement that provides you fuller breasts using your own body fat. Dr. Barrett is held in high esteem by his patients who desire exceptional and long-lasting outcomes in increasing breast sizes by up to one or one and a half cup sizes.

We harvest fat from other body parts and let you undergo breast augmentation using fat from your own body. Such type of natural breast augmentation in Beverly Hills helps you to retain a better figure with naturally enhanced breasts that improve your overall body silhouette.

Our no implant breast augmentation comes with low downtime, quicker recovery, and longer lasting results. Since there are no external implants, there is no risk of infection or issues with compatibility within the body. Get rid of unwanted scars that come with conventional breast surgery when you opt for the breast augmentation using fat. All you see post the surgery are the small needle insertion marks.

Go ahead! Feel fuller, feel feminine with the natural breast augmentation, with a bit of assistance from Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery at Beverly Hills.

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