Fat Transfer to Breasts

Dr. Daniel Barrett

If you like the idea of a curvy upper body but don’t like the idea of silicone implants, then visit us at Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery for revolutionary natural breast augmentation fat transfer. When you undergo this procedure, you get the option to use body fat from other parts of your own body and augment it into the breast. This way, there is no complication that arises due to external implants. Plus, our team of surgeons has mastered the art of minimally invasive procedures in fat transfer breast augmentation. Hence, the surgery doesn’t leave behind nasty scars or ugly cuts. All you see are small needle marks used to harvest the fat tissues to the breast.

At our specialty clinic in Los Angeles, we have a tremendous track record of successful procedure that speaks about the immense safety of the autologous fat transfer to breast. Get high impact breast reconstruction done at the hands of seasoned veterans in their field. Since your own fat and stem cell is used for reconstructing the breast in natural breast augmentation fat transfer, you end up with soft breast volume. This also creates a naturally appealing look.

Connect with us today to book an appointment for autologous fat transfer to breast in Beverly Hills. With us, you can be assured of a fuller upper body that will re-ignite your self-confidence.

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