Fat Grafting Breast

Dr. Daniel Barrett

Rectify contour deformities with Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Our team of experts is proficient in fat grafting transfer to breast. We have advanced equipment at our state of the art clinic in Los Angeles. We have helped many ladies to gain from the confidence-boosting aesthetic outcomes associated with fat grafting to breasts.

We have the skilled expertise to reconstruct the shape and weight of the breast as per your body type and specific requirement. As a plus point, you can also get effective loss of unwanted fat from parts like abdomen and thighs to be grafted to the breast. This way, the fat injections to breasts provide dual advantages – a well-rounded pair of breasts plus a slimmer version of your body.

The artistic application of the fat grafting transfer to breast ensures a fuller perkier pair of breasts that will help to improve self-confidence. Feel like the diva you have always wanted to be and gain an ideal body shape with the help of fat injections to breasts in Los Angeles. We pay total attention to your needs in our initial meeting so that we can provide a solution that matches your objective. You can discuss the procedure and recovery process with a full-time practicing doctor rather than an unqualified person. These qualities make Dr. Barrett Plastic Surgery, a renowned name for fat grafting transfer to breast in Los Angeles.

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