Is Fat grafting to the breasts the best alternative than Breast implants

Breast Augmentation vs. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Before getting into breast augmentation costs, let’s first make sure we’re all on the same page in our understanding, because while the goal of both can be similar, they are very different procedures. A traditional breast augmentation, that is, a breast augmentation with implants, adds volume to the […] Read more

Nov, 29, 2021


What are my options after explant surgery

It’s no surprise that as we move through life, our preferences and options change. There’s also circumstances out of our control that may force our hands. If you’re thinking about breasts implant removal surgery—whether your personal preferences have changed or you’re experiencing  symptoms that may demand their removal—it’s normal to feel apprehensive about what your […] Read more

Nov, 21, 2021


Does fat grafting to the breasts really work

It may seem like it’s too good to be true, but there is a way to increase your breast size without having to undergo a traditional breast augmentation with implants. You may have heard of body-contouring surgical procedures like a Brazilian Butt Lift, which involves harvesting fat via liposuction and transferring it into the buttocks […] Read more

Nov, 16, 2021


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