‘Breast Explant’

Breast Enhancement Surgery: What You Need to Know Before Making the Decision

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation can feel daunting; choosing a surgeon and preparing for invasive surgery can be anxiety-inducing for many people. However, Barrett Plastic Surgery has some of the best breast augmentation surgeons in California who offer multiple types of procedures to meet any patient’s needs.Specializing in natural breast enhancement surgery, the doctors use […] Read more

Jun, 06, 2023


Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer: What You Need to Know

Breast augmentation is most commonly associated with implants, but it is possible to alter the shape and look of the chest without inserting a foreign substance. With more studies being released about the health issues linked to both silicone and saline implants, many patients are looking for other, safer options. Natural breast augmentation fat transfers […] Read more

May, 05, 2023


The Natural Alternative to Breast Implants: Is It Too Good to be True?

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone to learn that breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. But there are many people who want to enhance their breast size but are leery of having a foreign implant in their body. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can make your breast size larger, naturally […] Read more

Oct, 04, 2022


What are my options after explant surgery

It’s no surprise that as we move through life, our preferences and options change. There’s also circumstances out of our control that may force our hands. If you’re thinking about breasts implant removal surgery—whether your personal preferences have changed or you’re experiencing  symptoms that may demand their removal—it’s normal to feel apprehensive about what your […] Read more

Nov, 21, 2021


Most surprising things about natural breast augmentation recovery

For many women who want to enhance their breasts, the thought of undergoing typical breast augmentation with implants seems, among other things, too overwhelming; they don’t want to deal with everything that comes with this kind of surgery, and resign themselves to a lifetime of padded bras or store-bought inserts. What many women don’t know […] Read more

Jun, 23, 2021


What scars will I get from a natural breast augmentation surgery

For many women who want to enhance their breasts, the thought of undergoing typical breast augmentation with implants seems too overwhelming, too high maintenance, or just plain risky. There are worries about recovery time, side effects and scarring. Whether it’s elective or not, surgical scars are a reality anytime you go under the knife, and […] Read more

Jun, 10, 2021


What is a natural breast augmentation?

Many women want to enhance their breasts but are hesitant to undergo typical breast augmentation with implants because of the maintenance and risks associated. Enter fat transfer to the breast. A fat transfer to the breasts, sometimes called a natural breast augmentation, or a fat transfer breast augmentation, is a two-part process that takes excess, […] Read more

May, 16, 2021


Natural Augmentation Begins with Transferring Fat to the Breasts

Natural-looking body augmentations are increasingly popular when you want to decrease the volume in one part of your body to enhance another part, like your breasts. Getting a fat transfer to the breasts is an optimal way to shape your figure naturally while trimming down, as well as adding curves at the same time. The […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2021


Aesthetic Options to Consider After Breast Implant Removal

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, roughly 34,000 breast implant removal procedures were performed in 2019. Breast augmentation is one of the more personal life choices a person makes. Most of the time, it’s purely cosmetic—fulfilling dreams of always having larger, perfectly round-perky breasts. When that dream turns into a nightmare and starts […] Read more

Feb, 17, 2021


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